Про мене

Katerina Boyko have started to sing since childhood. The first song that little Katya sang was “Din – Don”. She had a snowflake suit and a musical triangle in her hands.

When Katya was seven years old, parents send her to study at the gymnasium and to the music school. At the first grade of gymnasium teachers heard that the girl had a great vocal abilities and send Katia to a singing circle.

The band “Promin”, in which Katya Boyko was a singer, had a lot of rewards, not only ukrainian, but also international one. When Katerina was a bandmember of “Promin”, it received the status of a national one.

Katya really liked to dance, so she also started to participate a dance circle.

During all eleven school-years, none of the school holidays were held without the participation of Katya – she sang, danced, played the roles of various characters and even made theatrical productions. Katya Boyko became a proud of her school, she received varied diplomas for active participation in life of the gymnasium, and what was the most important thing, she received the respect of many people who faithfully believed in her success, and hoped that she would soon become a famous Ukrainian singer.

After school, Katya mooved to Kyiv and entered the Kyiv National University of Culture and Arts as a student of the musical faculty, specializing in pop vocal. At the university, Katya made the first steps to her dream, becoming a famous singer.

Being a 2nd year student, Katya got an invitation to take part in the TV project “Our Song” with the song “Last Winter”, which was written and presented by well-known singer Yurko Yurchenko. At that time, Yurko adviced Katya trying to write songs by herself.

In the spring, 2011, Katya Boyko presented her first video clip to her own song “My Earth”, which people could see on channels throughout Ukraine. This song became very popular and was recited by many young performers, there were more than 30,000 thousand downloads of music to this song. Then, to the unknown singer Kateryna Boyko, the long-awaited popularity came.

Without stopping on the achieved, in the autumn of 2011, Katya presented her debut album of ukrainian songs of her own mainly (also in the album were presented modern arrangements on famous Ukrainian folk songs).

Later well-known television projects, as Folk-music, Song of the Year, Marathon of Ukrainian Song, Galician Hit, Premiere of the Song, well-known Ukrainian festivals of pop songs “Bratyna”, “Ethno Fest” “,” Visiting Ukrainians “,” On the Waves of Seret, “” Gremyslawa “,” Folk Fest “and so on, started to invite Katya Boyko.

On the Evening of Memory of Mykola Mozgovyj Katya performed a song by a prominent Ukrainian composer entitled “Enchanted Words” in the Palace of Ukraine.

In 2017 Kateryna Boyko received a diploma and a statuette “Song of the Year” from the festival “Galician Hit” for her song “Ukraine”.